Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Ignited Spirit

As I cropped this photo I was wondering if any of you caught the butterfly around the woman's face. I made her eye blue like mine, pinked up the lips and gave the cheeks a bit of color but otherwise left the image black and white. She is always pondering so I made the image of her askew, cut the paper at another angle, mounted on another piece then painted in the straight horizon lines in the spirit color to keep her balanced. The match has "ignite" written on it and goes from the spirit to fire to the fizzled out water elements. Did you notice the subtleties? I'm always trying to make the viewer see something up close and personal, did I do the trick with this one? I sure hope so, after all, I have been chasing the muse the last couple of weeks and she is a tricky one :)

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