Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Seed Pod Shenanigan

Some Thesaurus words for "joke" - antic, buffoonery, burlesque, caper, drollery, escapade, farce, frolic, gag, game, horseplay, humor, jest, lark, mischief, monkeyshine, parody, pleasantry, prank, pun, quirk, raillery, rib, sally, shenanigan, sport, stunt, tomfoolery, trick, wisecrack, yarn.

Lots of fun words in that group with monkeyshine and tomfoolery being my favorites. Just saying those two make me smile. Here's a challenge for you - work them into a sentence this week and watch peoples faces when they hear those words, he he he :)

I picked this photo because the pods look pasted into the air as if they were glued down as a practical joke. I love when this happens because it gives a different perspective to the actual subject matter and usually creates such clarity on the subject matter. Now, if I only knew what I did to make this happen. Any ideas?

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