Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Singular Sensation

Some Thesaurus words for "cycle" - aeon, age, alternation, chain, circle, course, isochronism, loop, orbit, period, revolutions, ring, rotation, run, sequel, series, succession, wheel.

The sun shining down on this lone rose today made me just love the simplicity of its beauty. The course of its growth is about to end yet it surprised me with this last bloom of enchantment. The juxtaposition of the large flower against the dull dark blue green of its leaves combined with the weedy grasses are a treat for my senses. I can imagine it being done with colored pencil but also as a graphite drawing. Because the light is so strong, it would command attention no matter what medium you choose. Peek around in the garden today, you never know what's hiding there!

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