Monday, May 6, 2013


I love forsythia bushes with all of their happy golden color. It is a welcome sight after the winter greys just seeing it sparkle in the sunlight makes me smile. I am very thankful this year that I finally remembered to take some photos of it. Usually they are on their way out and not as colorful when I try to take it. I loved how the one branch took center stage and stayed in position long enough for me to snap the shot. It is a beautiful color and I really wish it would stay that bright all year long instead it disappears into the background of elusive greenery only to wait for its special time in the spring limelight. Until next year dear friend, I will eagerly be waiting for your appearance!


  1. What a pretty pose it gave you, Kelly! So pretty!

  2. Love forsythia! My grandmother used to have huge bushes of the stuff in her very large front yard. The forsythia and daffodils would bloom about the same time - what a wonderful shot of color to awaken the landscape!