Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Word - Peculiar

The word for this week is peculiar.

Its adjective meaning - belonging exclusively to one person or group; characteristic, distinctive; queer, odd; eccentric, singular, strange, weird.

I found this vine a couple years ago in the yard and had John place a couple near the house. It is actually called Carrion Vine because of the rank smell it is suppose to emit but thankfully we haven't been able to smell it yet. I loved it because of the peculiarity of the fruit. It gets these baseball size round balls that are made up of little blueberry shapes that turn from green to a deep blue. The qualities are just like blueberries in that they also have that dusty grey coating over each individual berry. They are always tucked in under the vibrant green leaves making it hard to see, but don't worry, I spied them from across the way. I love the way this photo pulls you into the depths of the vine making you root through the leaves until you discover the beauty within.

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