Monday, August 20, 2012

FlyTribe Anniversary

It has been just over one year since I took the Kelly Rae Roberts course Flying Lessons and became part of the only FlyTribe as we call ourselves. Now, I had been a fan for a while since reading her book Taking Flight by NorthLight years before. This creative woman just seems to ooze inspiration from every pore of her body and it is quite infectious. I was totally in awe of her journey to become an artist and share her talents with the world. The Flying Lessons ecourse takes you on an artistic exploration of what can happen when you dedicate the time, do the work and trust your heart's intuition. It shares step-by-step different ways to achieve your goals, dreams and discover your own ambitions. To give back our FlyTribe raised enough money to help 8 artists lead down the path of possibilities. Kelly Rae generously agreed to match our pledge and this will help 8 more totaling 16 artists whose lives will be forever changed by this ecourse. To be considered for one of these wonderful sponsorships, please follow the guidelines here on the FlyTribe Blog.

I can't tell you the importance of an online community, I have great respect for my group, their trials, tribulations and successes - we have shared, supported and experienced it all with one another. Has it been an easy road, absolutely not. But if you celebrate the smallest of victories and realize it takes baby steps to get you where you are going, it will be an incredible journey. I hope you will join my band of creative sisters in celebrating our one year anniversary together. Thank you ladies for a creative collective I never expected to be a part of!

Janet Forrest
Cat Athena Louise
Stacey Bockness Curry
Kris Lanae Binsfeld
Renee Burke
Mary Sterk
Michelle Reynolds
Constance Rawlins
Kelly Hoernig
Cindy Jones Lantier
Kathleen Conard
Claudia Dow
Susan M. Walls-Beverly
Linda Barutha
Linda Kinnaman
Cheryl Dossey
Sofia Dabalsa
Jill Lambert
Sally Rose
Ursula Smith
Deborah Eaton
Lori Leissner
Creative Clearinghouse
Lenore Angela
Katharina Star
Rachél Payne
Sherry Richert Belul
Deborah Velasquez
Shannon Etnyre
Live Laugh Love Retreats
Kelley Miller Artworks
Wini Dougall
Carol Bray
Tracy Yarbrough
Diane Enright
Jamie Burch
Mary Cottingham
Susan Dietz
Lori Moon Studio
Kim Hyer
Tina Carlborg
Catherine Pistone
Mary MacIlvain


  1. Thanks for being such an important part of our group, Kelly!

  2. Beautiful Bees! It's been great learning from you this year Kelly!

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  4. Love the Bees Kelly. And I so want to take your e-course in the near future. :)

  5. Wonderful Post Kelly, I have loved being inspired by you this past year, Happy Anniversary!

  6. Happy anniversary, Kelly! It is such a delight to stop by here and see all these cheerful honey-colored dots. And the honey bees, too! Happy soaring with you. Here's to another year of color and delight! :-)

  7. Kelly - I am so honored to have been able to meet you in person (the very first Flyer I met). Your words of encouragement and your willingness to share from your vast wealth of creative knowledge will never be forgotten. Then there is your AMAZING art and your wonderful photography. I can't wait to see you again. xo, Kathleen

  8. Thank you for being such a wonderful member of our tribe.

  9. It has been so great getting to know you better through the group and to see you soar with your great online class offerings. Congrats to you and thanks so much for all you offer to the group!! xoxo L

  10. Thanks for being a part of this wonderful anniversary celebration! I'll have to share my bee's and other paintings with you later!

  11. Kelly,

    Your art is so beautiful! I have enjoyed being a flysister with you.I hope that we will have a chance to meet in the future! May you soar in the year ahead! Happy Anniversary! :-) Kris

  12. Happy big one year!!! It's been a terrific year!! Best of luck to you in the coming year - hope it's even more magical! :)

  13. So honored to be in this tribe with you, Kelly! Happy Anniversary...<3 ((hugs))

  14. Hi Kelly, your artwork is beautiful, I'd love to take one of your classes one day, soon.
    xo Lenore

  15. Hi Kelly!! Happy Anniversary!! I just toured around your site and it is looking fantastic! I can't wait until Creative Clearinghouse is settled in and I have time to take more classes so I can take one of your colored pencil classes! See you soon!!

  16. Happy Anniversary Kelly! Your artwork is beautiful and the Steampunk eclass looks like fun, fun, fun!! So glad to be flying with you. Wishing you an awesome year ahead! xo

  17. Happy Anniversary, Kelly! Wow, your art is so beautiful, and getting better and better all the time! This has been an amazing year, learning to walk/run/leap and soar with all our tribe members. You have been such a wonderful part of our little tribe. Since I love all things steampunk, I am going to check out your e-course right now!

  18. Happy Anniversary! Your art is stunning! It has been wonderful being part of this tribe with you. I need to explore your classes - I'm always up to learning something new. xoxo