Friday, March 11, 2011

Elongated Elegance

I just had to share this wonderful photo of the little tiny violets that pop up all over our yard in the springtime. I loved the color combination and the exquisite sunlight, couldn't ask for a better photo opportunity. Of course you know I was drawn in by the interesting shadows by the top violet. Not only do they catch my attention but it would be a center of interest for my rendering as well. It would be quite a challenge to pull off with such a vertical design but I have some tricks up my sleeves. First and most importantly, the brightest and darkest values need to be up there to bring your eye to that spot. It should also have more intense coloration than the bottom of the design. Notice how the lower section is still interesting but it doesn't make you want to stay there because all that bright goodness is calling your name. The only thing I would probably change is make the bottom violet a whole one. I don't like it being cut off so violently. It would also frame that beautifully heart shaped leaf and be more pleasing to the eye. I would position it a little askew but make it so your eye would travel right up that long stem to bring you back to the main subject. Will you see this later? Oh yeah! But as always which medium to use - colored pencil or acrylics?

1 comment:

  1. I'll be back to see your decision. Watercolor pencils would do it nicely, too.