Thursday, February 24, 2011

Natural Beauty

Some Thesaurus words for "simplicity" - artlessness, chastity, clarity, classicality, clean lines, clearness, ease, elementariness, guilelessness, homogeneity, innocence, integrity, lack of adornment, modesty, monotony, naivete, naturalness, openness, purity, restraint, singleness, straightforwardness, unity.

When you think of simplicity what is the first thing to come to your mind? My reaction was of easy, relaxed, uncomplicated and of course the sewing pattern :) I wanted to choose a subject to challenge the word yet be the word all in one reference and I think this orchid is a perfect example to share. Not only is it beautiful and colorful but it has an intricateness yet unadorned look - perfect for the word simplicity I think! With all of its exoticness, how can this be simple you ask? Just the look of it - white, natural, straightforward, classical, pure - all words from above. Stretch your mind and let it wander, anything is possible when you let your creative side shine...

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