Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Hawthorn

Some Thesaurus words for "enchant" - allure, beguile, captivate, cast a spell on, charm, draw, enthrall, entice, fascinate, grab, hex, hypnotize, magnetize, spellbind, thrill, wile, wow.

Now, if that isn't a list of magical words to be inspired by!

This is my favorite tree in the yard - the hawthorn. I see it from the front but can admire it from the back in this view. It captivates me because of the angle, the tiny flowers, the extremely thin thorns all enhanced by the alluring snowfall of Saturday. It has mystical powers for me and I do find myself daydreaming about it. Silly I know but it reminds me of a tree I used to climb as a kid and sit there for hours watching everything go by. I think my imagination may well have started up there in that tree - simple magic!

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